Thanks to everyone for your help, support and inspiration getting "Two by Two" done. Specifically, thanks to Dylan Johnson, Jorge Mendez, Igor Krivokon, Jonathan Kirchner, Jim Hant and Will Neveitt for your careful and supportive feedback. And thanks to Bridget, Nathan, and Jen for tolerating and inspiring the songs. For this album, I was learning how to do things end-to-end. I'm playing the instruments, and did the mixing and mastering. I'm looking forward to more collaboration on the next one.

The album is only available on streaming sites, and as mp3s for purchase on amazon and similar. I didn't deal with the hassles of physical production for this one. So far, two people have sent me notes that indicated they'd wanted something physical. (I didn't think anyone did that anymore!) Send me a note if you'd like physical copies, and if there's enough interest, I'll add it, and/or do that with the next one. (

The album's long. Who's got time? Here's a one minute clip:

And if you just want to hear one song, try Arrangements.