brian patrick

Brian has been playing music since he was 7. He started guitar at 11, and played in his first band in junior high in Nurnberg Germany. He started writing songs playing in, The Edge, in Manhattan Kansas, and later played gigs around Kansas with a cover band called Tungsten. He also played in the school jazz band in Manhattan. In college, he helped form the band Absolute Zero, and again played with the university jazz band. Later he played with bands in Colorado, and did a couple shows in LA, before moving to the Bay Area.

In college as part of the school Jazz band, Brian played Carnegie Hall with Gerry Mulligan. He was also part of a two year composition seminar that included Lisa Loeb, Dan Mackenzie, Dan Seiden, and Jon Feinberg.

Recently Brian has been in a John Craigie phase. Check him out if you get a chance, he puts on a great show. Brian now plays and records music full-time, and is working on songs for an original album.